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With the advent of the Internet and the increasing number of Internet users online advertising has taken a deserved place among the methods of development and promotion of business. More and more attention is paid to this sector, because according to experts, its growth will have not stop in recent times. Therefore, many companies introduce their data in a special catalogues. Our catalog of famous Canadian companies is one of them. It is worth noting that our online platform, which brings together a great list of Canadian companies of different, has undeniable advantages. For yours convenience we also developed some additional options those include convenient filter to sort the relevant information, an extensive system of assessments, easy registration window, round the clock advertising of products or services, reducing of material and industrial expenses for printing and publication of printed catalogs and price lists firms. Owing to the harmonious work of the team that is working on the constant updating and completion of the database, users always have the most accurate information. It is also important to note that anyone can work with the service and add the companies. We also have made a list of the top 10 Canadian companies for even greater your convenience. When creating directory specialists tried to make the platform and its work the most rational and aimed at solving practical problems. After time, we see that these efforts were not in vain. In addition to the standard set of navigation, you can also search for different companies depending on the distance from the place of residence or work. These features allow building travel plans in different directions, thereby saving your valuable time.